House Bill 1010xx

As far as the rest of the Republican field for Oklahoma Governor, quite a few of them said that they would not have signed House Bill 1010XX. Don’t really have a problem with that as that was a total ham-handed bill to begin with, what I have a problem with is that quite a few said that they did not support the teacher walkout. What else were the teachers supposed to do? What else could they do? Any candidate that said they did not support the teacher walkout is out of touch, simply does not understand anyone below the $100,000 income level. Right now no one is sure of funding for anything, as part of the bill was repealed the next week (Exhibit A in state level incompetency) and the fuel tax, re-allocated, leaving not much of the original funding in place. The Oklahoma legislators and leaders have failed our state education system for decades. This wasn’t just about teacher pay but about funding for the state’s education system. Per the Economist ” Since 2008 general state funds for K-12 education in Oklahoma have been slashed by 28.2%—the biggest cut in the country.” Due to State Question 640, passed in 1992, we have a measure that requires a 75% supermajority for any tax increase. While I’m definitely a proponent of citizens keeping as much as their money as possible, there are times that increases need to be considered. SQ 640 imposed an impossible threshold, a threshold that has never been met since its passing in 1992. Try convincing 75% of any group of people to vote for something other than maybe a pay raise for themselves. Furthermore, the statistic that was bounced around before HB 1010XX was passed, about the average Oklahoma teacher’s salary being $45,000?
I don’t know any that make that much…just sayin

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