Elect me for Governor and here’s what I’ll do first

Initiate an outside agency audit. Oklahoma rated an ‘F’ in a recent national study of governmental transparency. The debacle with the Oklahoma Dept of Public Health losing then finding $30 million dollars says it all. 200 Oklahomans lost their jobs because of the massive incompetence going on. There is certainly money, probably on the order of tens of millions that are being misspent through fraud, waste and abuse at our state’s highest levels.
Audit then raise GPT to 7%-While the audits are being conducted, we simply cannot wait 2 years for the results. Oklahomans need help now! We simply cannot cut any more…there’s nothing left to cut. Since 2008 general state funds for K-12 education in Oklahoma have been slashed by 28.2%–the biggest cut in the country. The oil and gas industry have had a sweetheart deal paying 3.2% for years now. As far as energy producing states, we are one of the lowest taxed, even with the bump up to 5% from HB 1010xx. Texas is 8.3% and some states are as high as 13.3%. I’m pro fossil fuels and do not look at big oil as a piñata we can hit anytime we need money, however our core services have been slashed across the board, we’re prematurely putting our people in the ground while they pull up massive wealth from our ground and pay peanuts for it. I put this on our ‘leadership’ rather than Big Energy, as they are just doing what our leaders allow. We can raise the GPT to 7% and Big Energy might scream a little but trust me, they’d be fine and we’d be a step closer to having a functional government.
Repeal SQ 640- SQ 640 will be revisited and either repealed or threshold lowered. That has been a major reason we’ve got ourselves into this mess. No other state has a 75% requirement for a bill/measure, and for good reason as it’s almost impossible to convince 75% of any group of people to vote one way, unless they are voting for a pay raise for themselves. Proof of its impossibility? Passed in 1992, this threshold had never been achieved until this year…and that’s only because of pressure applied by the people.
Repeal the Capital Gains Tax exemption- This benefits about 18,000 Oklahoma families while it costs the other 98% of us, over $100 million per year, an estimated $474 million in forgone tax revenues from 2010 to 2014. I don’t know of any more imbalanced measure that exists. It needs to go.

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